The RFID Technology

CONTROLTEK_Feature Image-03_RFID-technologyThere’s a reason why the RFID market is set to grow to $27.31 billion by 2024: The technology is an inventory management solution that perfectly merges business efficiency and security. RFID is a system of intelligent labeling that goes beyond traditional barcoding. When an item is outfitted with an RFID chip, that chip becomes a repository of electronically stored information. This makes it an ideal option for retailers. Here are a few of the benefits stores can expect from RFID.

  • Merchandise shrink reduction: When retailers equip their merchandise with RFID, they gain immediate and comprehensive visibility over their entire inventory. Instead of having to carry out manual scanning and data recording, RFID automates the process. This automation significantly reduces the possibility of any single item not being accounted for.
  • Better customer service: No customer enjoys discovering that an item is out of stock and having to wait to see if it’s available. Cut out that process with RFID. Because of its automated item tracking and charting capacities, RFID gives store employees a complete, always up-to-date picture of the status of merchandise. This leads to faster time to replace out-of-stock items, which in turn produces greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Cost savings: Not only does RFID deliver superior product oversight, but it does so at a lower cost than legacy options. By largely eliminating the need for manual inventory processing, RFID saves big dollars in labor costs and allows employees to focus on more business-critical tasks.

Make sure you have scanning covered

A store’s RFID solution isn’t complete without the appropriate reader systems enabling technology. Here at CONTROLTEK, we offer two different reader options: handheld and overhead:

  • Handheld: Two of our handheld readers, Nordic Merlin and Nordic +, provide industry-leading inventory management methods. Both provide reading and encoding capabilities.
  • Overhead: Nedap !D Top EAS Reader, our overhead offering, is perfect for retail stores, with options to mount on ceilings or walls.

Here at CONTROLTEK, we’re committed to providing you with the solutions to successfully roll out RFID in your store.