True Visibility Made Easy

The ControlSpan suite offers end-to-end inventory and process management solutions from source to shopper that allows not only improved visibility but also enhanced profitability and customized integration to help make your existing systems more efficient and accurate.

Finally there’s a solution on the market that allows companies to engage RFID throughout their organization with ease and flexibility. RFID represents the future for most organizations, but the cost and lack of comprehensive and intuitive tools have been significant hurdles. ControlSpan is a modular solution built to allow freedom of choice at the beginning of an RFID deployment, to grow with the demands of the organization, and provide options at all levels instead of being locked into a single, siloed offering.

Device Interoperability



  • Cost Effective
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Cycle Counts
  • Location Tracking
  • Time/Date Activity Logging
  • Multi-Device Accessibility

Modular Architecture

  • RFID Inventory Management
  • Configurable Min/Max Levels
  • Exception Analysis
  • Timely Inventory Status
  • Location Based Inventory
  • Automated Alerts
  • Reporting Functionality
  • Data File Import Capability


ControlSpan offers an ucs_tabletnmatched level of visibility into operations and inventory, unparalleled process management and compliance monitoring, and reinvents how you discover and resolve shrink beyond the capabilities of traditional EAS. The new ControlSpan from CONTROLTEK is a full solution architected as a family of lightweight, mobile applications with a wide range of feature options. This application layer sits on top of modern, best in class technologies that drive the high volume, robust services that enable social media and on-demand platforms you use now in everyday life. ControlSpan leverages these technologies to deliver a truly scalable solution that will grow with your organization and your needs now and in the future.